What to Do When Algae Are in Your Pool
February 18, 2015
During the winters in Arizona, it’s pretty uncommon to take a jump in your pool. Because we’re not using our pools on a regular basis, we sometimes forget about pool maintenance — and that can lead to issues, one of the most annoying being algae in your pool. What are algae, why does the problem show up, and how can you get rid of it?
What Are Algae?
Algae are plants, and their spores can enter your pool via wind, rain, and even contaminated toys, swimsuits, and equipment. In the right conditions, they can bloom quickly, leading to a problem you’d rather avoid. The conditions that allow algae to spread include warm temperatures, out-of-balance chemicals in the water, lack of filtration or circulation, and nitrates or carbon dioxide present in the pool water.

The truth is that all pools get algae from time to time. But few have real issues with a true algae outbreak. Why? Because when a pool is maintained with regular cleanings, weekly equipment and chemical checks, and preventative care following a storm or party, algae can be kept at bay and your pool will remain clean and clear.

Different Types of Algae
There are many varieties of algae you might find in your pool, and they’re defined by color.

Green algae are very common and tend to show up following a filtration problem that causes cloudy water. It can be seen in patches on the top of the water or along the walls and is a slimy kind of algae. You have probably seen green algae in a pond, along the rocks.

Yellow algae hang on the walls of the pool, typically in the shady sections. This variety can be difficult to get rid of after it starts its attack. Your best choice is probably to call in professional support if your pool shows signs of yellow algae.

Black algae can be a true nightmare if not caught and destroyed early since it tends to root into the walls of the pool. As with yellow algae, black algae can infect even a clean pool, so this is another strain that will require the skills of a trained professional.

Treatment and Prevention of Algae
The best way to keep algae out of your pool is with proper pool maintenance. That means at least weekly cleanings during which the equipment and water are checked and the sides and bottom of the pool are inspected for any activity of algae. You’ll also want to backwash the pool during that time and clean out the filters, where algae can get clogged. If you find anything there, that’s an indication that you might want to shock the pool to get it back to even.

Of course, maintaining a pool can be a time-consuming issue, especially when you find algae. Instead of managing it yourself and worrying about chemicals, cleanup, and equipment maintenance, trust the Phoenix pool service professionals at White Knight Pool Service. Contact us at 602-277-2789 to schedule a review of your needs and your first service.